OTR-AC best SARM in 2021 CAS NO.122928-98-7

  • CasNo122928-98-7
  • Purity99.5%
  • AppearanceWhite Powder

Product Details

Quick Details

  • CasNo: 122928-98-7
  • Appearance: White Powder
  • Delivery Time: 3days after we receive the payment
  • Throughput: 1000|Kilogram|Month
  • Purity: 99.5%

Sarms Powder Muslce Building OTR-AC /MK286

OTR-AC, also called MK-2866 Ester, belongs to class of compounds known as “anabolic esters” due to esterification during chemical synthesis, which makes serum testosterone levels more stable and long-lasting. OTR-AC is the evolution of MK-2866, it has similar chemical properties and mechanism of actionm, with less side effects.

OTR-AC is an esterified version of MK2866.  Esterification is added to compounds to increase the half life.  This provides more consistent blood serum levels leading better results.  Many feel this makes OTR-AC superior to MK2866.


Clinical Benefits Of OTR-AC


Produces amazing results within a short period of time.

Increases endurance and strength.

Helps expend more calories than consumed to burn more fat.

Builds muscle and burns fat at the same time.

Boosts joint repair and healing. Increases nitrogen retention and protein synthesis -- the primary building blocks for muscle mass.

Does not convert to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) or estrogen.

Extremely high anabolic impact. Most often researched compound.

Typical Clinical Results

  1. Dramatic results for re-composition have been reported. This is primarily because Osta. helps decrease fat and build muscle mass at the same time.
  2. Reports of significant gains and improvements in terms of performance.
  3. Helps muscles generate greater force to overcome gravity, resistance, or both.
  4. Results in terms of bones, tendons, and ligaments have been reported at doses as low as 12.5mg every day.

Length of Research

8-12 weeks.