99.9% pure Phenacetin/Fenacetina powder with USP Standard 62-44-2

  • CasNo62-44-2
  • Molecular FormulaC10H13NO2
  • Purity99.5%
  • AppearanceWhite Powder

Product Details

Quick Details

  • CasNo: 62-44-2
  • Molecular Formula: C10H13NO2
  • Appearance: White Powder
  • Delivery Time: 3days after we receive the payment
  • Throughput: 1000|Kilogram|Month
  • Purity: 99.5%

99.9% pure Phenacetin/Fenacetina powder with USP Standard

What is Phenacetin

Phenacetin is a white crystalline powder with the chemical composition C10H13NO2. It was first developed by Harmon Northrop Morse in 1878. In addition to its pain-reducing properties, it also has been used as a fever-reducer, a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and a treatment for intercostal neuralgia, a rare disorder that causes pain in the nerves around the ribs. It was one of the first painkillers that was not derived from opium while at the same time being absent of anti-inflammatory qualities.

Usage: Analgesic, antipyretic. Component of APC tablets, analgesic mixture also containing aspirin and caffeine. Phenaceti is reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen; analgesic mixtures containing Phenaceti are listed as known human carcinogens.

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